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Sam Allberry walked the plank of tough questions and dove head first right off the plank into biblical territory with his new book. 

This book is a brief look at the sin of homosexuality/same-sex attraction in a series of Questions Christian Ask. Although brief, the book is thorough in research and a holds to biblical worldview regarding this issue. 

The manner in which Allberry treads along this issue is sensitive but clear and leaves the reader without guessing where God stands on such a strong, and passionate issue in our culture today. One of the more relevant aspects of the book is that the author is one who struggled early on with this issue and therefore his writing is with compassion and sensitivity to the issue that many deal with.

To answer the question that is the title of the book…No, God is not anti-gay. He is anti-sin and became what He was not, sin, (what we are), so that we might be rescued from what we are, sin, and become what He is, righteousness. The death of Jesus on the cross and His resurrection over death proves that God can change people and make people new and whole, no matter who that person is. 

Readers will find this book quite theological and applicative to everyday and all congregations. This is a book that readers can digest pretty quickly and therefore begin the process of applying in their daily lives. Readers will also appreciate the writing style and care that Allberry takes with such a hot-button issue, all while dealing with this issue biblically. 

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews for the copy. I was not required to write a positive review.






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