What if?


One of the great mistakes that people believe is that they think they know all or understand all. One of the greatest blessings that people can experience is the opportunity to learn and accept the fact that they don’t have it all together in the first place.

Mark Donnelly falls into the categories listed above. Before his near-death drowning experience, Donnelly was driven by his own effort and tasks to ultimately please God. After this experience it seemed that he was driven more by freedom and joy, which is deserving of greater emphasis in the Christian life.

There are great points within this book. First, coming to understand that we are free to be the people that God called and saved us to be. Second, we don’t have to earn God’s love. His love was lavished on us through His Son’s life, death, burial and resurrection. We are now enabled to live in Christ and love like never before.

There are points within this book that were a little iffy. Some of the theology may be slightly bent, depending on what your viewpoints are.

All in all it is a refreshing read on being overcome by love & freedom.

Thanks to BookCrash in exchange for an unbiased review. The above opinions are this reader’s own thoughts.


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