A Great Resource

Kregel Academic Publications has provided a text that is helpful to the bible teacher and scholar. 

Although this resource isn’t exhaustive it is rich in what is actually provides and that is:

Exposition commentary

Textual Criticism

Language Helps/Interpretations

and more…

When studying Paul’s letters it is helpful to have an in-depth guide/aid alongside of the scriptures for issues that arise in study. There are things to glean from this resource and things to leave for further evaluation, but such is the case with any resource. 

At the end of the day, this resource will enhance your study and challenge you to seek the truth that is available through God’s Word, guided by His Holy Spirit. 

BUT, let me state, as the book author/editor states from the beginning: This text is not foe everybody. This text is for beginning seminary students, pastors who have lost enthusiasm, and for the scholar who needs a refresher. But because this is a tool for interpretation, that is where the water gets muddy for many readers. Not everyone interprets similarly. Therefore, you’ll have to explore this text along with your bible and a teachable mindset. 

The greatest strength to the book is it’s organization and readability. It simplifies the process of study and has material laid out in a manner that is simple to follow and gather for study. 

I would recommend this tool for the use of study and research and encouragement for the weary preacher/pastor. 

Thank you, Kregel Academic, for providing this resource for the purpose of unbiased review.




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