Forgiveness, for you & me.

Edward Mrkivicka, Jr. is the author of The Sin of Forgiveness. 

The text is 156 pages on the subject of forgiveness. 

Forgiveness is the beauty of the gospel. Without forgiveness, we would not experience the peace-making love of God through His Son, Jesus Christ. The author has written on this subject quite extensively in this text. 

I applaud the author for tackling a subject and a majorly intricate detail of the Gospel that has severe practical applications. Followers of Christ ought to be known by their acts of kindness and their quick-trigger to forgive others. 

There are a few concerns with this text that I do have. Most of all, the easiest concern for me to spot from the text was that it seemed that the author wrote from the defensive side. It seemed that he often had to explain himself throughout the text. Perhaps it was the tone or the stance that he took. That is up for the reader to decide. But it just seemed like an unnatural explanation appeared after certain sections of the text. 

Like many books, there are things to collect from this text and things to leave behind. I would suggest that one who reads this text to do so with a filter. There are other books on forgiveness & peace-making that I would recommend before this one. 

I received this title from Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for a fair review. Thanks for the text and opportunity to review. This review is my own opinion(s). I was not required to write a positive review.



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