Pauline Charts

The Pauline charts available from Kregel Press are a plentiful resource for bible study. 

The charts are arranged in 4 basic categories: 

  • Paul’s Background/Context
  • Paul’s Life/Ministry
  • Paul’s Letters
  • Paul’s Theological Concepts

Each chart is arranged orderly with thorough scholarly application & insight. These charts are meant to be studied & used as you work your way through Paul’s letters in scripture. The background & insight in these charts provide a wealth of information that is to be used for transformation. 

Paul’s letters are so useful for edification in teaching/preaching & these charts would be a great tool for that purpose. There are things mentioned in these charts that one would have to do hours & hours of background research to find. 

Even though these charts are scholarly in nature, they are for the everyday application of all bible students & readers. 

Thank you, Kregel Academic, for providing this resource for the purpose of unbiased review.



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