Dollars stay in your pocket



Carrie Rocha is a thriving money-maker. The reason she is thriving is because her attitude(s) toward money has changed. The reason she is a money-maker is because she paid off a large chunk of debt and did it gleefully.

Her wisdom & advice in Pocket Your Dollars will encourage those in debt & challenge those to look at money & finances much differently.

Rocha writes as if she is writing to a good friend. The pages are full of insight & cheer as you climb out of debt and truly experience a money-makeover. In the end, it is not more money that makes anyone happy, but the peace that comes when money is not your god & possessions are not your treasures.

I received this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for a fair, simple & honest review. The opinions listed are my own. Thanks Bethany House Publishing for the resource.


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