Charts of Hebrews

Kregel Academic has produced a study resource on the book of Hebrews that any bible scholar or bible-user will be grateful for. More often than not, bible-study tools are neglected, rather than used. This is a rich resource tool not to be taken for granted. The charts offer a wealth/treasure of background information on a book that can be tough to digest for some bible readers.

The charts are comprehensive and range from textual issues, cultural history, authorship, & more. Each chart is thoroughly laid out with information to lead transformation. That is the key to bible study. Knowledge alone only puffs up, but knowledge applied leads to sanctification.

Hebrews can be an intimidating book and these charts, although a little complex can be of great aid to understanding the text. Jewish history & culture can be mind-boggling at times for new bible readers. These charts, studied a little at a time, would be a great asset. The most beneficial way to go about an in-depth study while using the charts would be to devote a solid month or season to Hebrews alone.

Let me emphasize once again, the charts can be a little intimidating at first, but once you gather the tools offered, you’ll see the rewards of study. The charts are meant to be used while studying Hebrews. This is not a commentary or book that you can read alone.


Thank you, Kregel Academic, for providing this resource for the purpose of unbiased review.



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