Passion in His Purpose

Passion by Mike McKinley is an expositional examination of Jesus’ final day prior to the cross, in the gospel of Luke.

The author does a great job of walking through the scenario of Jesus’ encounter with God’s wrath & forsakenness. The book will serve the purpose(s) of a brief commentary on that passage and/or a devotional for the season leading up to Easter. The book is written in such a way that you must slowly digest each step that Jesus takes. McKinley writes this content carefully & cautiously so that readers must stop & reflect on the love of Christ. The book is a journey and McKinley takes readers on that journey in a very significant way.

The pages of this book bleed with the love of God for people and the obedience of Jesus because of His joy for the Father’s purpose for Him. This is a book that ought to be in the hands of believers & non-believers to be read for the purpose of discovering the reason for Jesus being sent to earth for our sake. I would highly recommend this book to be read hand-in-hand through Luke’s account for meditational purposes on the Cross of our Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you to Cross-Focused Reviews for providing this title for the purpose of review. The opinions in this review are my own & I was not asked to write a biased review. 



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