Little Book, BIG Subject

Scott Petty has authored a series of Little Black Books which address theological matters. These little black books are addressed toward teenagers. This series of books on Sex, Predestination, Science & God, What’s Life All About, The Bible, The Holy Spirit, etc…are brief, humorous and informative. However, although informative, the books are based on theological principles which are for life-transformation, not life-information. 

The little black book on predestination is simply put. The information presented is from a reformed-view, so by reading this book, you’re not going to be reading a debated script or 2 sides of the coin. The view is heavily reformed and Petty writes with wit & candor. 

The series was printed for the purpose of helping teens digest (for their soul/mind) truths that are difficult to nail-down or aspects of the Christian-life/Bible that many believers often wrestle with. 

The series is highly recommended because of the writing style alone. Petty does a good job of boiling things down for young minds. The speed-bump about the books is whether or not you agree with the reformed perspective, especially on the Predestination issue. This will be the edition that causes some readers to give these little black books second thought. 

But with that aside, the book is written well & simply for the purpose of spiritual growth for teenagers. The idea of a small series of black books on strong content is catchy and a great idea. 

This reader would like to thank Mathias Media, who provided this book in exchange for an honest and thoughtful review. All of the above is of my honest & fair opinion of the text. If anyone would like to purchase this book and this reviewer recommends that you do, please purchase it here.



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