Suffering well & Savoring Him


Paul Grimmond sheds a great bit of light on the topic of suffering as it is ordained & governed by God, for His glory & our good. 

The truth about suffering is that everyone suffers. All believers/followers of Jesus will suffer in some way, shape or form. The premise of this text is not “how do I get past suffering?” but how do I know God because of it and in the midst of it. 

The author begins the text by setting the bible as the foundation for the definition of suffering the correct response to it. He then unfolds a few characters in the bible that suffered, wrestled with their suffering, but came out of it trusting God and knowing Him better. The following are a few key statements found in the text: 

  • “I am persuaded that the key to suffering well lies in understanding the fullness of God’s revelation about suffering.”
  • “When suffering comes up in the bible, we often find ourselves questioning God rather than asking ourselves the hard questions.”
  • “We need to look at how the bible responds to the issues of suffering.”
  • “We don’t need to know the answers to all of our questions. We need to know the Living God.”
  • “Whenever suffering comes along  — of whatever kind — the right way to deal with it lies in staying true to Christ.”
  • “When we suffer, we ought to prayerfully ask God to help us continue to praise Him —  to declare that we know our God is good and that heaven is our home.”

The author expounds on the issue of suffering well with a correct theology of suffering & the biblical response to it. His premise of biblical response is seasoned with grace, not legalism. He presses the issue of being born-again and being guided, comforted, and led by the Holy Spirit, Whom resides in the minds & hearts of believers. 

This is a very solid text on suffering well & savoring Jesus in suffering & because of it. The author continuously goes to the bible and the doctrines of the Christian faith to support suffering well, because without the bible & knowing the God of the scriptures, suffering well is impossible. 

This reader would like to thank Mathias Media, who provided this book in exchange for an honest and thoughtful review. All of the above is of my honest & fair opinion of the text. If anyone would like to purchase this book and this reviewer recommends that you do, please purchase it here




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