Circle your Kids


Mark Batterson, author of Primal, In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, & Wild Goose Chase, is passionate about parents praying for their kids.

In his original text, The Circle Maker, Batterson emphasizes the power of persistent prayer and the effect that it is on those being prayed for, as well as those who are praying.

If you’ve read the original text, you will understand that the general principles from that text are being applied in this text.

The author encourages parents & grandparents to understand the following about prayer & their kids.

1. Use scripture to guide the nature of your prayers. Simply pray scripture!

2. Know that praying is changing you as well as those you are praying for. Everyone benefits from prayer!

3. Keep praying. Rejoice in the answers, when they come. But don’t stop praying because they’ve been answered or haven’t been answered….yet!

4. Pray with your children. Do not let time pass by that you do not let your children hear you pray, nor that you do not hear them pray.

This text is a very brief paperback book that is easily formatted for the encouragement of praying for your children. The packet of books came with a box of chalk to emphasize the idea of circling your children in prayer.

Overall, this is a light book, an easy read, but very encouraging & most certainly useful in parenting and/or grand-parenting.

I received this book from Zondervan publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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