It’s all Greek to me

Dr. Douglas Huffman has provided a great resource for the scholar, the seminary student, and the everyday person who appreciates study. This Handy Guide to New Testament Greek is exactly what the title states, handy!

The guide is useful, helpful, and very portable. The guide is broken down into 3 parts and whether you’re learning biblical Greek or using it, this is the reference tool to keep on hand. In a quick visual layout, it supplements textbooks to gives you immediate access to:

  1. first-year Greek grammar – a great and easy reminder to the functions of the grammar as well as the rules.
  2. second-year Greek syntax – a wonderful aid to verb usage, case usage, and breaking down the overall use of the greek language.
  3. step-by-step phrase diagramming – teaching  the student or scholar the formation of the sentences from the understanding of the term usage.

This guide is handy, accessible, and will do much for sermon preparation/study. This great reference tool is already on the shelves at the seminary bookstores and available online as well.

Personally, this reader has found this guide to be a great reminder to the use of languages. The charts, diagrams and examples are helpful in understanding the language structure and use. This guide is not a textbook, it is a supplement that focuses on the basics, which help you understand and get a better handle on the Greek language. The Greek language is tough to master and understand completely, without consistent and further review. This tool has been provided for just that.

Thank you, Kregel Academic, for providing this resource for the purpose of unbiased review. 



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