Jesus says two words at the end of Luke 9 to 3 different people….”Follow Me”.

Those 2 words fell on the soft hearts of the Alan family. This family was successful in the eyes of society and their family and friends. They had careers that had taken off, allowing them to live comfortably and leisurely as a family of 4. But when the truth of scripture and the voice of the Holy Spirit pricked their heart, they quickly became uncomfortable and unsatisfied with the status quo successful lifestyle.

Through the guidance, conviction and leading of the Holy Spirit, this family sold their earthly treasures and began the process of living sent to Southeast Asia. This story is eye-opening and will challenge your heart to follow Christ at His Word. The story is real. It will have you laughing, yet also will leave you spiritually sober as you see a family forsake all to follow Christ.

“As our possessions started heading out the door, I realized something that had made me feel ashamed. I had wasted so much time searching and shopping for the perfect things for perfect house in my perfect subdivision.” 

Once again, this story will challenge you, will awaken you, will convict you. There is a candid, yet sobering Spirit that the reader will see with each turning page. It is amazing how an extraordinary God will use ordinary people to do things that seem impossible. This is a family who was living by sight, but turned their lives upside-down and began living by faith.

Thanks to Multnomah Publishers for sending this book for the purpose of review. 


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