Practicing the Presence

Brother Lawrence is most-likely the greatest saint you’ve never heard of. What makes him great, is the fact that humility & discipline drove his life, fully. His life never tangibly went beyond working in a kitchen or fixing shoes…but spiritually his life went to depths that are rarely heard of, yet only read of. In this book, Tony Jones, compiles journals, biographies, and conversations that have been recorded concerning the life of Brother Lawrence.

In the text are pages of devotionals that lead you to see the fruit of a life lived when the eyes of one’s heart are fixed on Jesus. Some of the themes running throughout the text are….

  • suffering well
  • praying constantly
  • encouraging one another
  • steadfastness
  • living under the sovereign rule & reign of God
  • living under the Lordship of Christ
  • being a doer of the Word
  • practicing forgiveness
  • solitude
  • accepting the will of God, whatever that may be

This text is a peak into the life of a man focused on pleasing his master, because of the grace & mercy given to this servant. This reader would recommend this title as a devotional read, or reflectionary read to open one’s soul to the riches of the mystery of the love of God in Christ.

I was provided a copy of this book by for the purpose of review. The review is of my own thoughts and opinions as I discovered upon reading this book. 



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