Bad to Good

When I was a young child in elementary school, one of the school supplies we needed each year was a big, thick, pink eraser that could erase mistakes and cause us to start over.

In this text, Dave Burchett, helps us to expose the mistakes that legalism has caused in Christianity and how the grace of God can truly set us free to live with peace, purpose, and passion that is rooted in our identity in Christ, not our behavior for Him.

There is great danger in serving Christ out of a duty. A dutiful response to the grace of God eradicates that grace in one’s life and strips the joy out of serving a loving Lord. The proper response to the grace of God is delight. To delight in the grace of God helps joy rush in to the life of a believer, therefore freeing them from duty and enabling them to live out the grace that is given to them, despite their sin.

One who walks in duty, walks proudly, (which the Lord despises) and walks with fingers pointed at those who are not walking in line. One who walks in delight, walks humbly, with the aim to help others, rather than haunt & harm others.

The format of this book includes a discussion guide that helps the reader(s) to look internally and digest what has been presented from the author. This book would be a great tool for a church that is traditional, and established with historically strong Sunday School classes, that need a breath of spiritual fresh-air and a genuine approach to the reality of following Jesus based on His amazing grace.


I received this book for the purpose of review from Multnomah Publishers. 


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