Radical Idea…

First there was Radical, by pastor/author, David Platt. A challenging & sobering text for the follower of Christ.

Then there was Radical Together. A challenging, motivating, & convicting text for the followers of Christ, together in community.

Now there is A Radical Idea. A short, pocketbook size text that implements both Radical & Radical Together.

What the reader will notice is that A Radical Idea, is a condensed version or Radical Together. The purpose of A Radical Idea is to place Radical Together in the hands of more people, in a condensed edition. This text is challenging & sobering as well, because there really isn’t anything too different from the original text (Radical) and the 2nd text (Radical Together). This reader understands that A Radical Idea is directed to be used in small groups or on-the-go. The book is no larger than a personal checkbook, therefore, the reader must imply that the reason(s) being is…

  • Mass production & mass distribution
  • A reduced cost on production & distribution (small, light, very inexpensive paperback w/ stapled binding)
The text is no different in material from Radical Together, but only different in the make-up of the physical book bindings, pages, and cover. A great “idea” for the reader may be to order these and drop them in strategic yet random places, where someone may pick it up and wonder with curiosity about the cover’s statements.
I received this book for the purpose of review from Multnomah Publishers. 


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