Waterbrook Press has published a great read in FEARLESS.

In this text, the curtain is pulled back & the reader will be enthralled within the pages of the life of Adam Brown. From Brown’s rock-bottom valley of being arrested & put in jail, to his heroic efforts in combat & mission, this is quite a page-turner.

The life of Adam Brown has the core theme of redemption. The author digs deep into the life & personality of Brown, who falls to the lowest of lows, but it loved, supported, and redeemed by the love of Christ through his family & friends, therefore reaching the status of hero in the eyes of his family, friends and fellow soldiers and the next person who reads this book.

This story is exciting, thrilling, humbling, and honest. This is a story that will capture you from cover to cover. As a reader, you will find yourself emotionally bound to Adam Brown’s life, as author Eric Blehm pulls back the curtain on a life lived for the love of God, Family, Country, and Others.

For a quick look at the premise of the story of Adam Brown – http://fearlessnavyseal.com/media/

For a sample chapter of FEARLESS – http://fearlessnavyseal.com/book-preview/

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About the author, Eric Blehm – http://fearlessnavyseal.com/eric-blehm/

If you are a book-lover and appreciate a good read, go here – http://fearlessnavyseal.com/order-the-book/

I received this book for the purpose of review from Multnomah Publishers. 


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