Wild Goose Chase

The author of this text, Mark Batterson, also wrote, In A Pit w/ a Lion on a Snowy Day. Although the content of this book is a bit different than his former text, the ripples of adventure still flow throughout the pages of this new book.

Wild Goose Chase is about the pursuit & guidance of the Holy Spirit in the life of a follower of Christ. This text is not a theologically-heavy text. The flow of the book is more practical in application and helps the reader see that when you follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, your life will NOT be boring. Rather, your life will be a wild goose chase that may lead you to places you never would’ve led yourself to.

This text will serve the reader well for as a tangible wake-up call to leave behind comfort and follow the Spirit’s wisdom, provision, and guidance. This text will NOT suffice as a study course on the Holy Spirit. The text is chalk-full of illustrations that help paint the picture of the point that Batterson is making and the reader may need to carefully discern the application of the scriptures to the illustrations.

However, the reader will benefit from this text by being challenged, being made uncomfortable, and being awakened to the reality of the Holy Spirit’s power in one’s life. If your life as a follower of Christ is in safety-mode, please read this brief & encouraging text.

I received this book for the purpose of review from Multnomah Publishers. 


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