The Jesus Mission & You

Author Steven K. Scott has brought to readers a text to equip believers in knowing Christ & making Him known. That is the major over-arching theme in The Jesus Mission & it is a theme that sticks to the readers of this book. The author lays out the text in a very organized, text-book like manner. Heads up to the reader – you may want to read this in bits & pieces because of the scripture & information to unpack within the pages. Or the reader may desire to read through this text, then go back chapter by chapter & unpack some of the references given by the author.

In whichever manner you choose to read this text, please, just add this book to your list & read it. 

Here are the titled missions (implications of the theme).

#1 – Become more intimate w/ God

#2 – Accelerate your personal growth

#3 – Empower other believer to follow Christ

#4 – Impact the lives of non-believers

I received this book for the purpose of review from Multnomah Publishers. 


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